Shortbread + Weddings = True Love

Make your wedding one to remember with custom Rose’s Shortbread creations.

In Shetland, there’s an old tradition. During her wedding ceremony, the bride is presented with a beautifully decorated cake of shortbread, which is then broken over her head.

Most of us would rather not celebrate our nuptials by getting hit in the head with anything, baked good or no. Nevertheless, shortbread makes an amazing addition to any wedding, either as favours, desserts, or taking the place of the cake itself!

Rose is always experimenting with the form and flavour of her shortbread, and can construct just about any shape you can imagine out of delicious, buttery shortbread. See the gallery on this page for a modest sampling of what we’re capable of. We also do bulk orders of unpackaged shortbread in our usual squares or traditional petticoat-style for bridal showers, stagettes, or receptions.

Interested? Fill out our custom order form below with as much information as you can about your event and order, and we’ll get back to you to help make your shortbread dreams a reality.

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